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Bye Bye Confusion. Hello Organized Life!
Build Your Business Operations Inside ClickUp!

Jumping from tool to tool is slowing you down from what you should really be doing in your business.

As you're business grows, you're finding...

You need a tool that can manage your business needs and you need an expert that can make it all happen!

We’re your experts but let me introduce you to the magical tool that you’ve been looking for…ClickUp!

ClickUp provides a robust solution to help keep your business and your team organized, without overwhelming yourself with 1001 tools to keep your business in check.

Why ClickUp?

(here are just a few reasons...)

Complete Business Hub

You can literally manage your whole business from ClickUp whilst cutting down the number of tools you use.

Multiple User Settings

Create various team rules to ensure that people have have access to only what they need.

Custom Dashboards

Build custom dashboards to report almost anything that you need to understand in your business.

Built In Automations

ClickUp has built-in automations allowing you to automate tons of tasks whilst saving you time.

Competitive Pricing

Great value and more options that Trello, Asana, Monday or any other project management tool.

Built In Time Tracking

Identify exactly where you and your team are spending most of their time with built in time tracking.

Embed Nearly Anything

Embed google files and edit WITHIN ClickUp and embed almost anything else and keep everything together.

Easy Integrations

Integrate ClickUp with almost any tool using Zapier, Integromat or Integrately!

How We Can Help You


If you’re ClickUp is a mess and you need someone to look it over to help you get the most use out of it, then an audit is for you.

An audit will allow us to review you account, present solutions and then implement.

CLICKUP Consultations

If you’re pretty confident in how you use ClickUp and you just need someone to help you troubleshoot a few problems, then our paid hourly consultation is the best option for you.

Consultations last 6o minutes and you will be provided with a recording.

Implementation Services

If you’re looking to build a new home for your business and are looking to use ClickUp as part of the solution, then we can plan and implement a custom solution just for you.

Implementation can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Why Work With Us?

ClickUp Vetted Consultant

Our chief tech office is a ClickUp Vetted Consultant who has developed an advanced understanding of the platform after using it for a while.

Time vs. Money Payoff

There comes a time in your business where it is more cost effective to hire an expert to complete tasks for you that waste time ‘trying’ to complete it yourself.

We Are Also Strategists

If you have no idea how to make ‘it’ all work in your business, we can help you maximise how you use ClickUp alongside other tool in your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

ClickUp can be used by people in multiple different industries.

What makes ClickUp so versatile is the ability to customize it how you see fit. 

Think of ClickUp as a tool to help you arrange your business they way that YOU want.

I am able to help you fix urgent issues. This requires you to book a consultation session.

Consultation sessions usually take place within 24-48 hours.

If you need an emergency session within 2-8 hours(subject to availability), you can book an emergency session.

If you choose to cancel the appointment prior to our call, you will be refunded in full minus any processing fees.

If we cancel the appointment because we decided we can not help you, you will be refunded in full INCLUDING processing fees.

The fee that you pay depends on the service that you require and what is involved.

Here are some prices for you to consider;

ClickUp audits are $1000.

Audits allow me to review your current set up and look for opportunities to optimize the way that you use ClickUp.

Once I have audited your account, I will provide you with a report and once you have approved of my recommendations, I will implement them for you.

Consultations are best for users who want to jump on a call and resolve the issue immediately. We will jump on zoom and go through the issue and solution together.

Hourly consults are $197. You will be provided with a recording on the consultation within 24 hours.

ClickUp Implementations
Implementation starts at $3000

Depending on the amount of work involved in setting up your account, set up can range from 2 weeks – 4 weeks.

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